Hotel Website with Booking Engine

Get a complete Hotel Website with fully live Booking Engine with the below mentioned features:

  • Get a front-end of the Booking Engine on your website page.
  • Your clients will be able to send room bookings to you in live.
  • Your clients and you will get automated email notifications on every action taken.
  • You will get a Back-end Dashboard in which all the Bookings submitted from the front-end website will get automated entry in a┬áMonthly Booking Calendar. You can also view the entries in list format.
  • You will get a back-end with all the reports like New Booking received, Pending Approvals, Today's Bookings etc.
  • You can check your room vacancies and then approve the booking with few clicks. Your client will get an email confirmation about the room booking approval.

Want to Own a Hotel Website with Booking Engine

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